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    Hi, I’m having trouble getting the wordfence scan to work. It just gives a general error: “Scan Failed

    The current scan looks like it has failed. Its last status update was 1 hour 43 mins ago. You may continue to wait in case it resumes or stop and restart the scan. Some sites may need adjustments to run scans reliably. Click here for steps you can try.”

    I’m on Siteground. Has anyone have problems with using Wordfence scanner on there?

    I know my max execution time is 120 and I’ve set the Maximum execution time for each scan stage to 75 but it’s still not working. Any other ideas?

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  • I’ve also already checked with siteground to make sure my site meets the requirements.

    same probleme here on 2 of my website since 2 weeks approximately.
    I have not find the issue.

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    Hello @kristal13,

    If you could please do the following, I’ll give it a look and see what might be causing the issue.

    • Kill the existing scan if it is still running (The “Start New Scan” button turns in to a “Stop” button while the scan is running)
    • Go to your Scan > Scan Options and Scheduling page and locate the “Performance Options”
    • Set “Maximum execution time for each scan stage” to 20 on the options page
    • Set “Time limit that a scan can run in seconds” to 21600
    • Click to “Save Changes”
    • Go to the Tools > Diagnostics page
    • In the “Debugging Options” section check the circle “Enable debugging mode”
    • Click to “Save Changes”.
    • Start a new scan
    • Copy the last 20 lines from the Log (click the “Show Log” link) or so of the activity log and paste them here


    Huh, looks like those settings you suggested fixed the problem, it runs fine now! Thank you!! I took it off debugging mode and scanned again. Seems to be all good with the new time limits.

    Plugin Support wfscott


    You’re welcome – I’m glad to hear you got it fixed!

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