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    I am using Dusk to Dawn theme and was having trouble with WooCommerce until I updated to the latest theme package available. However, that messed with my customized layout coding that I had done. So I switched over to Dusk to Dawn child theme so as to keep my page looking the way I wanted it too. But now the WooCommerce cart page isn’t working again. Basically when I go from shop, and then add to cart, it takes me to the cart page ( but there is hardly anything on that page except “calcuate shipping”. And there is no button to take me to checkout…
    But when I go to the checkout page manually ( ), it looks fine.

    Is there an easy way to solve this? I really don’t want to have to switch to a different theme but would rather keep my child theme as that is what my client likes.
    She really wants to be able to sell her cards without changing up her website much. I’ve tried other carts but they are funky and don’t have the options I want for variations like WooCommerce does.

    Here is my site:

    Thank you for your help!

    Oh, I tried the 3rd party “hooks” fixes and that did not solve the problem. It just made my shop page look wider and kind of odd. It did nothing to fix the cart page.

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    Please, can someone offer some advice? Thanks!

    I think I had the same issue (no button was displayed on the cart page):

    I modified:

    In line 113:
    <td class=”actions” colspan=”6″>

    I change the classname:
    <td class=”actions1″ colspan=”6″>

    That is probably not the best way I am not an expert, but it seems to have fixed my issue, but keep in mind that the change will be overwritten everytime you update the woocommerce plugin…

    S R


    thanks, geky for your advice
    I thought it was worth a try but then I couldn’t fine the templates/cart
    Here is what my cart page looks like:
    It’s not even showing what is in the cart. =/

    I was clicking on some of the plugin files that I could edit and I noticed a lot of them are “inactive” so maybe that is my problem?

    S R


    Here is the inactive shortcode cart plugin file:

    Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think this should be inactive….

    Hi S R,

    Sorry couldn’t get back to you earlier…

    I took a look at your cart page, it seems like you have a class (“entry-content”) that is causing the issue…

    To test it in your browser (Chrome or Firefox – firefox, you will need an extension called firebug):
    – right-click and “inspect element”
    – ctrl+F -> search for “entry-content”
    – rename it to something like “entry-content1” and press enter…

    The change is only temporary, just to help you debug but you will have to go check your css file to make the right change…

    Hope this help.

    FYI, This is what I see once I rename the entry-content class:

    But that won’t fix all your issues because the cart is still not displaying properly…

    S R


    Thanks for the insight and input, geky.

    Looks like my best bet might be switching themes… the cart works properly in Weaver so I may switch her theme over tonight.

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