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  • Hello

    I’m wondering whether WooCommerce can be configured for a scenario like this:

    • The website provides courses, which users can book, and pay for.
    • Each course has a top level category, ie: Antenatal Courses, then a listing of each date that a course is available on, ie:

    March courses
    Monday, 25 February – 7.30-9.30pm
    Monday, 4 March – 7.30-9.30pm
    Thursday, 7 March – 7.30-9.30pm
    Monday, 11 March – 7.30-9.30pm

    April courses
    Thursday, 11 April – 7.30-9.30pm
    Monday, 15 April – 7.30-9.30pm
    Thursday, 18 April – 7.30-9.30pm


    This woud be possible using quite a manual method, ie: each course date is a product, with attributes attached such as Day, Date, Time, but this would quickly become very difficult to manage.

    Any suggestions as to how this might work in a smarter way?


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  • That’s a good looking plugin, and for $79 it should be 😉

    I’ve done this using Variable Products (as per @chairmanmeow, above) and the brilliant Gigpress plugin. Variable Products on their own aren’t good enough, since the courses need to be searchable by date, and as far as the website is concerned the VP attribute is just plain text. Although Gigpress is aimed at touring musicians, and its fields are named accordingly, you don’t need much creative thinking to map these options onto a course bookings function.

    In a nutshell I’ve added each event in two places (not ideal): WooCommerce and Gigpress. I then take the ID of the Variation and paste that in the ‘Notes’ field of the Gigpress event. Within the Gigpress template I created an ‘Add to Cart’ link, incorporating the content of the ‘Notes’ field, to make the link to WooCommerce. Not ideal, but it works.

    @jameskoster how is your plugin development going? I’m about to redevelop the site in question and would be a *massive* benefit not having to go through this rigmarole in future!

    Plugin Author James Koster


    Hey Mark, yeah it’s still in development and well under way. Still no ETA I’m afraid though. Sorry about that.

    Hello Friends,

    We customize the things and trying to get what you want. i will post the demo link soon with in 1-2 days

    Orb Systems

    Eventespresso is a good one. I installed the lite version on a couple of my client sites. Just waiting for them to get the money to pay me to purchase the full license and the ticketing add-on. The ticketing add-on is so cool and will make you look very professional.

    Good Luck

    Hello Friends,

    Have a look to sample site

    There is 2 section one is cooking classes and another is upcoming events.

    There is soo many things in this site have a look and if you have any query please send me the mail on

    ORB WordPress Team

    @galtmilemediagroup I would avoid Eventsespresso if I were you.
    I made the mistake of purchasing the full version and never ended up using it.
    The coding is very messy and full of bugs and support is terrible.
    Plus they have been promising a major update for over 18 months that is still yet to happen.

    While the functionality or rather the idea of it is good, there are far to many issues for me to see it as a viable option.

    I am surprised that one of the bigger wordpress devs haven’t come up with their own events management plugin. There is clearly a market for it.

    I would also like this feature or plug-in. I would be happy using variable products, no problem. I just need one extra detail

    I am creating a site for a cooking school that offers course. They want a person to be able to book for their whole group (maybe purchase the course 5-10 quantity)

    …But an important detail for them is to get the information (name email) for each person enrolled, not just the person who made the purchase.

    Is there a way to collect extra information with the order. If a person buys 5 of the course – then they can put in the information for the 5 people who will be registering? Metadata – an input box for each of the items sold?

    Thanks 🙂

    Events Manager by Marcus Sykes is a plugin I’ve used successfully for scheduling course and events. It allows multiple people to be registered at one time. I didn’t check to see if it collects their email information automatically. When I had to troubleshoot Events Manager, I was able to find an answer in the community support forum. It’s way better than Espresso which is copied code from a free plugin called Event Registration whose code I tried and tried to clean up without success.

    Also have an interested for a booking system. The product variations in my case should be by date / time range. This is, choose a date… get a list of selectables (with prices each) so the client can add to cart.

    Yea, any updates James? =D

    Updates pleeeeease!

    I’m trying to holding off on buying the Booking plugin from Tyche Softwares buuuut might just have to bite the bullet and use a non-woo solution. I’ve got ants in my pants waiting to see what this is going to be like.

    yeh, any updates?

    We have developed Wooagenda for Woocommerce. With our plugin you can turn a single product(s) into a calendar function order solution. You can view a working example on: for instance or contact me on It is plug and play, there is a manual included with the plugin. The dates and times can uploaded true excel/csv importer and directly into the system. More information you’ll find on our website under plugins.


    Does anybody know of a solution where it is possible to buy a product as a package of hours which are then bookable in a second moment until the “credit” expires? I guess this would be more of a community function and include that the user profile not only saves user data for the purchase but also residual credits.

    I am happy and using bookable products and tickets, but this feature would be perfect for a client of mine.

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