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  • Hello

    I’m wondering whether WooCommerce can be configured for a scenario like this:

    • The website provides courses, which users can book, and pay for.
    • Each course has a top level category, ie: Antenatal Courses, then a listing of each date that a course is available on, ie:

    March courses
    Monday, 25 February – 7.30-9.30pm
    Monday, 4 March – 7.30-9.30pm
    Thursday, 7 March – 7.30-9.30pm
    Monday, 11 March – 7.30-9.30pm

    April courses
    Thursday, 11 April – 7.30-9.30pm
    Monday, 15 April – 7.30-9.30pm
    Thursday, 18 April – 7.30-9.30pm


    This woud be possible using quite a manual method, ie: each course date is a product, with attributes attached such as Day, Date, Time, but this would quickly become very difficult to manage.

    Any suggestions as to how this might work in a smarter way?


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  • This is just what I need too. I’ve been wracking my brains for about 3 days and very frustrated! I have tried about 20+ different bookings plugins and shopping cart plugins and cannot find a workable solution so that the admin can set dates in the backend (not every day manually, more like this product is available every Monday and Friday) and the buyer can choose their date from the end, preferably with a datepicker but dropdown menu’s or something like that would work too.

    If anyone can give any advice I would be SO incredibly grateful!

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.


    I have the same requirement too re: selling scheduled classes as a product.

    I’ve tried both the woocommerce variable product and group product functionalities and found that the variable product option works best for me (less of 2 evils).

    I create a variable product “Chinese cooking” and then attach an attribute call “dates” to it. I then add attribute values as the dates (e.g. “23-Mar-2013 (Saturday)”). Then I add the variations by assigning the price and unique SKU to each of the attributes value.

    When the class is over, I then uncheck the “Enable” box for that particular date/attribute value. This way, I have a record of all the dates I’ve ever done.

    Hope this helps!

    I would suggest integrating WooCommerce with Modern Tribe’s events calendar using this extension. A great solution for adding e-commerce functionality to an events calendar.

    I also need this.
    I checked the integration with events calendar, but it is for selling event with single date.

    In my case i am selling lessons, each one with recurring date.
    so, eg. for english lesson, I have 10 seats available everyday of the year.
    for german lesson, I have 5 seats on each working days (no weekends).

    In the UI, I immagine a date picker/calendar on the product page, to be selected before hitting “add to cart”, just as you would be doing with any other product attribute.

    In the backend, I would need to manage lesson (product) availability for
    each day of the year.

    Anything going in that direction?

    Plugin Author James Koster


    There’s a few ways to do this currently as mentioned in this thread but no silver-bullet solution.

    Having said that, we’re working on an extension to provide booking functionality. No ETA yet but hopefully it’ll be available in the next few months. Probably not too helpful to you now, so more of an FYI.


    thanks najeeb,
    Very interesting.
    Would you be able to setup a demo? it is difficult to understand how it works, without it.

    What I personally have in mind is something like this:

    Basically, the user would browse the “bookable” product just like any other product.
    Once inside the product, before hitting “add to cart”, she would have to pick the date from the availability calendar.
    Basically it is an advanced, calendar-based product variations (attributes) manager.

    keep me updated! I am looking for a solution, too!

    I am offering a mobile toilet to rent. So I need a booking similar to booking rooms of a hotel.
    1 day
    All Week

    But of course you have to be able to buy additional options (toiletpaper, refills, service personal).

    Thats why I thought woocommerce is a good choice.

    Maybe another plugin is the better choice for me? Any suggestions?

    Best Boris

    My plugin is released under beta, interested users can contact me [ email redacted ]

    najee I did write you through your site almost one month ago with no reply.
    Now another plugin is already on the market and ready to use.

    Hey jacopo3001,

    Which one might that be exactly? 🙂

    jacopo3001 need this info too 🙂

    I posted the link few days ago but it was probably deleted for some reason I don’t know.
    the plugin is here:

    looks pretty good.
    the guys at woothemes said they are working on one too, but so far nothing public..

    Erm…have a look as my website ( I sell 3 courses each of which has a specific number of places on courses running on specific dates.

    Would that answer your question/solve your problem?


    @forest Skills, I am looking at your “Camp Craft Course” for example.
    the way you handle it is great, when you have only 3 dates.

    In some cases you may be selling the same course on 365 days/year.
    In that case your type of solution does not work and something more advanced it required.

    The plugin above does the job pretty well.

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