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  • Our website would be very similar to one that is selling domain names and “other” products. We also need to show availability of domain name entered by any user. So, if given domain name is already bought, other customers cannot buy it.

    I am new to wooCommerce. I understand the whole usage if I would have simple products, but what if you have say “dynamic” products like “domain name”? How to make this concept available in wooCommerce?

    For instance, would this be the right top-level sollution?
    a) create categories where ‘domain name’ is as one of category (other products are not domain names and would have their own categories)
    b) create one ‘fake’ product with name ‘Your Domain Name’
    c) user buys this ‘fake’ product and defines its property (name)
    d) new product (domain name with filled in name) is created that is not available for others

    Maybe there are other ways, using some sub-prodcucts of produc tnames ‘Domain Name’, where subproducts are created when user is buying domain name?

    Can you, please, help me to understand this?

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  • @renathy you should look into the facebook groups for advanced WooCommerce or hiring a WooCommerce developer. Woo employees don’t monitor these boards, just various people who volunteer a little of their time.

    Thread Starter renathy


    Can you suggest me any Wocommerce developer group?
    I am developer by myself, but I need some basic information to start with.

    Thank you.

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