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  • Im reasonably new to WP and WOO and have just upgraded my paypal account to a business one.

    The site I am making is where people hire my services.

    What Id like to do have the system flow of:

    1. Client finds the product they want on my store
    (each service is listed on the site)

    2. Client pays for service with paypal, but the transaction is “held” by paypal

    3. I recieve message from my store of a new booking. I then check the diary.

    4. If the particular service / time is available then I log in to paypal and approve the payment.

    5. If not (I cannot take the booking) then I log in to paypal and decline (dont accept) the payment. The store then sends a message to say that the booking has not been made, or I can offer the alternate day/time etc.

    Just wanting to know if this is possible, I have found a lot on google about paypal payments being “pending” but it is mostly from people who dont want to use pending payments. !

    thanks in advance.

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