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  • Hello.

    The plugin works fine in a wordpress page with the tag [video file="myVideo"] but I am using the php-snippets plugin taht allows me to put php in my pages…

    Is there any way of invoking your plugin from my template.snippets.php because I read that I can execute that from my templates:

    get_sh5vp_featured_video($post_id, 800, 600);
    sh5vp_featured_video($post_id, 800, 600);

    I put it in my snippets, the method name is recognized because the page is interpreted correctly but no response is returned, perhaps because of my parametrization… because I don’t know what the $post_id is? Is this the id of the page? Or the url of the video…

    I do not have really a page_id in my snippets, I only have the url (relative or absolute) to the video I want to play…

    Any way to do it?

    I add too that my folder video is secured by password (.htaccess and .htpassword)

    Thank you

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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