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  • Hello.

    I was wondering if the following is possible or not.

    As you may know, most of the better themes have their own editor/page builder. Avada’s editor/page builder is called “Fusion Builder”. When using this editor, we can create block elements which are rows and columns. Each row is called a “Container” and then you can place multiple columns inside a row. Pretty standard across most editors.

    We want to expand/collapse these “Containers” using your plugin. We want a link that says “Expand to see more” at the bottom of one of these Containers, and then when they click on this link, another container(s) will be displayed. At the bottom of this newly displayed Container, there will be a link that says “Hide”, which when clicked will again collapse this section.

    So I am a little confused as to how that would work. Can we still use their WYSIWYG page builder (Fusion Builder) with your plugin and it all will work together….?? I am concerned that Fusion Builder’s code will interfere with your plugin’s code.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Almost 2 weeks have passed and still no response from the developers even though they have responded to other threads.

    Bad. Just bad. An insight into what their support is going to be even for the paid version.


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