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  • I’ve been using Google Webmaster Tools to find broken links in to some of my pages. For example:


    when it should be


    But I’ll also have similar additional incoming broken links like


    However, if I try to setup a wildcard redirect to catch both of these errors at once (or any other otherwise truncated links to this particular page), one cannot even load the page using it’s correct URL because using either of the broken links that are supposed to redirect or even the correct link causes a redirect loop.

    Is this as designed? I have a lot of these types of broken links coming into my site (where the actual link has been truncated in various ways), so it would be nice if I could setup wildcard redirects for them but it seems like my only option is to create individual redirects for each instance of the broken link since the REAL link is also caught by the wildcard setup for the redirect..

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