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  • Sorry if I haven’t titled this topic correctly. Here’s the problem. I added widgets to the sidebar in Cordobo Green Park 2 (Beta 5, I think?). Unlike every other WP theme I’ve used, the widgets DID show up — but the stuff near the bottom of the sidebar, “About” “Pages” “Categories” “Archives” and “Meta” all continues to show up below the widgets I’ve added.

    There’s a bucket load of coding near the bottom of the sidebar.php file, but I haven’t a clue what to comment out or remove to get rid of the stuff I’ve listed above, without messing up the sidebar?


    Beautiful theme, by the way. Really would like to figure this out and use it.

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  • Thanks, samboll, for pointing me back to that reply. That takes care of the “About” box in the sidebar. But there’s a ton of other code below the “About” box and I’m having trouble wading through all of it to eliminate the other stuff I mentioned in my post above.

    I’ll give it another go!

    post your sidebar.php here
    and someone can likely help

    Thanks. I’ll give that a try.

    we’ll need the link from the pastebin…:>)

    Hi samboll and others: I pasted the sidebar code for green park2 into the site. Here’s the url for it:

    I’m sure it would be easy to eliminate the bottom of the sidebar stuff, if I knew more php coding. And if I could contact the author — but he apparently is a native German speaker and I speak no German. I tried to use the “Contact” on his website, but his “Contact” page gives this message: “Please note, I don’t provide support for any of my WordPress themes neither via mail, social networks nor twitter. Please leave a comment instead.”

    I simply can’t seem to find where to leave a comment??

    I appreciate many of the free WP themes out there, and I really like this one. Hope I can get this matter resolved.

    Thanks anyone who can help!


    You appear to have four widget areas in your sidebar.

    Each one has its own default code, namely:

    “About” “Pages” “Categories” “Archives” and “Meta”

    I’ve made a quick once over of the code and pasted it here … it may need editing since I did it very quickly:

    The basic idea is to move all the code in the other widget areas into the first widget area, then with the first activated widget all of the other sidebar defaults go away.

    Hope that helps, I will check the code again later … jic

    I re-started from your sample and with a bit of artisitic license I came up with this sidebar code for you:

    I made a few comments in the code so you can get an idea of what I moved from where, and some suggestions of what can be removed if you wish. Of course, if the original theme author updates their code and you use the “automatic” update you will need to make similar edits to the sidebar.php file again.

    Thanks for your help, cais. It seems to work — and now I’ve actually LEARNED something to day, too. I appreciate it!


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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