• Hi!
    First I would like to thank you for your plugin, it was the only thing that solved my problem. But..
    My database uses passwords in uppercase, I would like to know how I can do it so that when the user goes to login, the password is encrypted in uppercase to compare it with the password in the database, I use MD5, I think it would be
    something like upper(md5(str))

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  • Plugin Author tbenyon


    Hi @rxny

    Check out this support question.

    I’d love to know if you get it working but also reach out if you have any other questions 🙂



    Thread Starter rxny


    Thanks for your super quick response!
    I don’t know if I’m doing it right, I tried to use your code from the link you said and it didn’t work, I still can’t login, I get a message about wrong credentials. Could you give me more examples of how to do it? sorry but my knowledge when talking about codes/programming is very low.
    Once again, thank you for your attention!
    ps: this is my website https://furiousm2.net/

    Plugin Author tbenyon


    I won’t be able to get an example up and running but based on your code snippet it would look like this…

    function myExlogHashAuthenticator($password, $hashFromDatabase, $username, $externalUserData) {
        $generatedHash = upper(md5($password));
        return $hashFromDatabase == $generatedHash;
    add_filter('exlog_hook_filter_authenticate_hash', 'myExlogHashAuthenticator', 10, 4);

    If you can provide the code snippet of what your system does to hash and an example password in plain text and the hashed version of that password I could try and help you further when I get time. Would need those things though.


    I have two sites in wordpress, but I want customers not to have to register in both sites, but if it is so in one, they do not have to register in the other or vice versa

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