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  • Usually, one theme is is for the whole site. I don’t remember any site that was able to use two themes in the same time.

    i remmber there was the drop down list plugin to allow user to change the theme .

    But for the categories i’m not sure if it’s doable in the past i did different theme for different categories but it was only in basic color , like only change header and this can be made using simple if – else statment with the category number … not the best way but just an example .

    That’s NOT a different theme, chaaban!
    Maybe it was a different Category Template – but you can NOT select a different theme for another category or Page.
    If you have a method to do it, please, don’t hesitate to share it…

    yes different template , but for different theme i will make a test blog and see if i can some with something .

    Maybe a tweak on the (theme switcher plugin) can be made ?

    Why nobody is reading exactly the OP instead of rambling around…?

    I’m trying to figure out a method for this too. I’m working on a new blog for myself, and my old one was drifting towards being a photoblog. For this reason, I want to have a regular blog with all entries, but a more photoblog-like theme (less clutter to distract from the photo) when you click the permalink for a photo entry, and maybe an option to show just blog entries or just photos.

    Possibly I could have a second blog syndicating just the photo posts by RSS, and have the permalinks point to the photo on that second blog?


    Well, let’s take the word “theme” out of the picture and just say different design. Didn’t Kafkaesque create a plugin that would do something similar with categories. That’s a starting point for a roll your own approach.

    Maybe the best thing to do is figure out which pages of your SITE are going to be using which design. Say you will have 10 pages total, and four use design A and six use design B. Make design B the “default” design.

    Then for the four pages using design A, you should make sure that the stylesheet for that design contains ALL of the images and graphics and everything those pages will use. So that no design element is contained in the content pages. (Which is what we all should be doing anyway.) If you can set your site pages up that way, can you just call that design A stylesheet in the head of each of those pages or will it step all over the rest of the WP pages?

    I’m not familiar enough with the backend of WP to know whether this is doable but if someone can conjure it up, then I’m sure someone out there will be able to figure out a way to execute it. I have faith in you all. 🙂

    And OP good luck with your concept. I am wondering tho why such a marked departure design-wise? Don’t you want cohesiveness in your site? Wouldn’t a slight difference in design achieve the effect you want? I’m just playing Devil’s Advocate here.


    If you put your photos in a separate category, then perhaps you can have what you want, since it’s not as far out on the limb as the OP’s request.


    Thanks for your help

    I haven’t got to the stage of needing it yet, I was just thinking of how best to make it work, but i’ve bookmarked that page and I’ll come back to it when I get to that point. Looks like it should work for what I want.

    Thanks Again

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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