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  • Hello —

    I’m currently giving my site an overhaul. I would like my home page to be a splash page and use the domain name (my name) I can set it up as a static page with a carousel of photos or some variation. From that navigation bar I have set up a Blog link to jump to my blog Both sites are separate (in two separate folders in two separate databases on a server) now. How do I set this up? I have installed my theme into the themes folder for both sites.

    Here is a demo of the theme I’m using and how pretty mush how I want my site to function:

    Simply, I want my home page to have the header “William Speruzzi” with a domain of and a blog link that takes me to This Savage Art ( a blog I’ve have for over five years. The both will share the same navigation bar.

    As it is now the Home link for This Savage Art’s address is and the Blog is

    Is there any way to edit the address on the Blog Edit Page in the Dashboard so it reads instead of

    What I’m doing wrong here?



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