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  • I am not sure if anyone would call this “inappropriate” to do, but i would love to give it a try if it’s legally alright and dueable of course.

    The WP3 standard Theme TwentyTen has an additional CSS file that actually tells WordPress to style the WYSIWYG Editor’s text area so you can use the exact same font attributes while adding contents as people will see on your frontend, compare that to the hard to read standard WP3 textarea font and you’ll probably want that in whatever Theme you prefer to use as well – just, HOW TO HACK this around??

    Just uploading the particular CSS file from the twentyten to your active Theme will do no more than sow it in your Themes Editor, but of course, it’s not connected to the FUNCTIONS:PHP file of your active Theme yet.

    So, the question to the coding pros would be:
    What and where can i add in functions.php to get it and grab and make work the added “editor-style.css” ????
    Perhaps it’s possible to just copy and paste the respective portion out of the twentyten functions.php, but that looks already a bit to complicated for Mr. low-coder here, if that was the easiest solution, what section exactly would i have to copy and paste???

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  • esmi


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    Just use add_editor_style();.

    Thanks esmi,
    i wanted to do that initially – but i thought “it can’t be this easy” – well, it was this easy!!!

    So, just for others how might come across this issue i sum it up:
    To style the WYSIWYG Editors textarea to display text you enter either in the same way (same font style, size etc.) it will look on the front end, or just to have the editing font displayed in a very easy to read bigger different font do simply 3 things (this applies for WP 3 or which ever versions have the TwentyTen Theme in them by default):

    Get the CSS file “editor-style.css from within the TwentyTen Theme and add it to the main directory of you actual active Theme other than TwentyTen.

    Open your specific Themes “functions.php” file within the “Appearance > Editor” PLUS the same file from within the TwentyTen Theme and simply copy this line:
    from the TwentyTen file to your Themes file somewhere appropriately and that’s it, your Blog editing should be more fun with the font and size YOU prefer

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