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  • Hi,
    We’re trying to speed up our WP site.
    How would you recommend to use this plugin in conjunction with either Photon or another CDN service?
    We haven’t figured it out.

    Full story of our developments here:

    We’re using this plugin so ALL our post images come from our Picasa account.
    It’s a news site so our Homepage shows around 30 thumbs and we now considered using JetPack Photon service to deliver our images.
    When you open a Post it does pick up now the photos from but the thumbs on the Homepage still come from the images at Picasa.
    In order to use Photon we had to deactivate thumbs.php, therefore now the thumbs on the Homepage are just small versions of big images… meaning that we’re loading 30 images in its full size (1200 x 800 px) and displaying them 10 times smaller (120 x 80 px) which is a waste of bandwith.

    Would you recommend using any other CDN system?
    Kind regards,


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  • Plugin Author gjanes


    I don’t know much about Photon, but since the photos delivered by this plugin come directly from the googleusercontent cloud service (a CDN itself), there isn’t a faster way to deliver them.

    Caching thumbnails to another CDN like won’t speed anything up -> its simply moving the image thumbnail from one cloud service to another cloud service.

    Because of this, there is no integration with this plugin and any other cloud service – the images are already on a CDN so there isn’t a benefit of that.

    If your site is slow, it may be as a result of one or more plugins and/or the theme. The thumbnails your site is serving from this plugin should not affect your site’s performance.

    You might consider deactivating other plugins (including this one) one at a time until you find the cause of the slowness. There also is a possibility that the phototile feature or tag searching features of this plugin could be causing “processing” slowness prior to pages loading – but none of that will affect the time between first response and the complete page load.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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