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  1. winegoddess
    Posted 7 years ago #

    My website is based upon my name which is unique. http://www.judyherilla.com

    Searching for Judy Herilla has always listed my website first.

    I installed a theme, Atahualupa, and now my site is 9th,
    behind Facebook, Classmates.com, and Friendster.

    I see that the CSS and HTML that are being generated are invalid.
    I suspect this is the reason things have turned South.
    I have done my own themes for other websites, and not had a problem.

    If anyone could provide some advice on this, I would appreciate it.
    I want to have a deeper understanding of things I need to avoid, such as maybe using downloadable themes at all?



  2. esmi
    Forum Moderator
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I see that the CSS and HTML that are being generated are invalid. I suspect this is the reason things have turned South.

    I disagree. The markup validation errors are very minor whilst CSS has absolutely no impact on page ranking or engine indexing. The page structure is basic but good with proper use of headings. Where the site falls down is:

    1. it's a tabled layout which tends to produce more code per unit of content which may result in slightly poorer indexing.

    2. No tagline.

    3. No obvious market focus

    4. Poor use of keywords in headings, general content and links.

    So, the theme has one failing but the content, I'm afraid, has far more. The Web has gotten a lot more crowded and having a unique name is no longer enough to guarantee high page rankings. If ranking is important to you, you may to start working on your SEO.


    But then, this is a personal blog - not a big marketing site...

  3. winegoddess
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I appreciate your reply.

    I have found other sites agreeing that pages can still rank high with invalid code. I have found others which state that Google specifically does rank pages that are similar higher if they have valid HTML and CSS.

    I am not sure if it can be just a coincidence that my ranking feel so much after switching to the use of this theme.

    I do appreciate your reply. And hope to get further advice, possibly from others who have other statistics to share.

    I do notice that there is much inline CSS and Javascript, and it is nearly 1000 lines of code before the content starts. I have noticed improved rankings with other sites by keeping CSS and Javascript in separate files that are referenced.

    This test seems interesting:

    I guess the true test will be to redesign my site and see how rankings are affected.

    Thanks again,

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