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  • I’m having a strange problem using the word “compress” here:

    WordPress seems to replace the word with a bunch of spaces. It happens in the title and the first occurence in the body of the entry. Additionally, using the word in the post slug made the permalink impossible to reach (though if there was a change in the slug, it didn’t show up in the WordPress interface).

    I got around it by starting the title of the post with the word “compression” so that the C would be capitalized (which apparently doesn’t trigger the effect), and then capitalizing the word in the post body but making it lowercase using CSS. I had to take the “o” out in the slug because the slug is always lowercase.

    This is kind of a strange problem. Anyone know what’s up? I’d look at the PHP and track it down, but I can’t from where I am.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Very occasionally, a WP user posts with just such a problem – a certain word that screws things up in some way.
    As far as I recall, there has been no cure because the circumstances are different in each case and the user invariably finds another word to use. And if there was a cure, it has never been posted back here.

    This might have to be chalked up to “Strange Oddity” 🙂

    Apparently the word ” ” is somewhat consistent, as it was also removed from the title of this thread! 😛

    Grr… there it went again!

    FYI, I’ve tried submitting a post entitled compress and that went through fine.

    What plugins do you have active?

    cvincent, post the word, but put a – in between each letter. That should do the trick 🙂

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    Who is your host?

    My host is MediaTemple. The only plug-ins I have active are a few custom hacks of my own (which surely wouldn’t be the problem) and the Markdown plug-in.

    I should also mention that it’s using WordPress 1.5.

    I don’t think that this is an issue specific to me, considering that the word ” ” was removed from this forum as well (and isn’t this forum based on WordPress? I’m not sure on that one).


    It was removed from the above post as well, where the quotes are. “Compress”. ” “. compress.

    Anything to do with gzip compression being turned on?

    Yes…it’s stupid…but you never know.

    So its just compress between quotes like “compress” or any instance of the word…

    actually I guess this post will test that on the forums.

    Something this wierd I chalk up to regular expressions, when something wierd happens its usually their fault. You can’t get wierder than regex.

    Next question: if you go back to edit a post with the word “compress” in it, does the word show up in the edit view? In other words, is it still in your original text and it’s only being filtered on output?

    Well, that is a wierd one…. I tested a post with the word compress in the title and in the body and both display normally. WP 1.5.

    Have you checked out the Comment Blacklist under Options/Discussion? Not sure if that might cause some of this quirkiness. (BTW, beautifully done website)

    Heatsink: No gzip.

    DarkCryst: It doesn’t seem so consistent here in the forums, but it is happening now and then. On Frame By Frame, it only seems to happen to the first occurence of the word in the body of the entry, and only if it appears in all lowercase letters. Surrounding it with quotes, making it part of a word (such as “compression” on Frame By Frame), etc. doesn’t have an effect; the term “compress” is still removed.

    Dougal: Nope, the word is also removed when I go back to edit the post. I haven’t checked whether the word is removed in the database, but it’s removed everywhere it’s displayed within WordPress.

    WebCudgel: Compress isn’t in the blacklist, but like you said, I doubt it would have this effect. (Thanks for your compliment :))

    Still trying to figure this out. Thanks, everyone! 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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