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    Hi there! New to all things WordPress but can make my way around. I have used your countdown timer on my side bar (easy peasy). But I want to add it to a page instead. (our home page, in fact). I would love to just get the code of the one from the side bar, as it is perfect the way it is, but I don’t know how to do this. Or if there is a way to drag and drop the widget onto the homepage like you can to the side bar, even better. But I have yet to find a way to do that….

    Thanks for any help you can provide this newbie.

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  • Plugin Author dmonnier


    Use the shortcode to make the countdown show up on pages and/or posts. The directions are in the FAQ tab for the plugin, second section down titled “How do I use the shortcode?” It’s not as easy as the pretty interface on the widget, but it does the job.

    Let me know if you have trouble using the shortcode, but hopefully the FAQ is clear enough on its own.

    Gah! So easy a caveman can do it! Thanks! Oddly, I had tried that before, but for some reason it wasn’t showing when I clicked “preview” of the page (it showed the plain text). It wasn’t until I took a leap of faith and pushed the update through that it showed up correctly on my actual page. Operator error I’m sure, but either way, thanks for the reply!

    Oh! by the way, is there a way to center the countdown timer on the page? I tried the usual ways I would center regular text with no success. Here is my webpage if you need a visual. (It’s just a Auburn sports site, nothing spammy).

    Plugin Author dmonnier


    Put the countdown in a wrapper div, then margin: 0 auto; on the wrapper div.

    Stack Overflow example

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