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  • Plugin Contributor K. Tough


    The timed_content_filter_override filter will let you modify or change the timed_content_filter that’s used to process your timed content. In the example below, the timed_content_filter filter is replaced with the the_content filter
    (you’d put the below code in your theme’s functions.php).

    // Override timed_content_filter
    function override_timed_content_filter( $the_filter ) {
    	// $the_filter contains the string 'timed_content_filter'
    	// which is the default filter for timed content.
    	// You could perform some conditional logic to decide which
    	// filter to use, change the 'timed_content_filter' filter,
    	// or define a new filter of your own.  Whatever you do,
    	// this function needs to return the name of a filter.
    	return "the_content";
    add_filter("timed_content_filter_override", "override_timed_content_filter", 10, 2 );

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