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    There’s been some misunderstanding about what this sub-forum is for and I’m going to post here a list of topic subject matter for this sub-forum.

    If you are asking a coding question about a plugin, please ask in that plugin’s sub-forum instead.

    If you are looking for a plugin recommendation, ask in the Fixing WordPress sub-forum instead.

    Please do post here if your topic is one of the following

    A question about a core WordPress function
    – How do I use this filter/action?
    – I used this built in WordPress function and I didn’t get the result I expected. What do I need to modify?
    – Javascript questions for including into your WordPress site.
    – Just about any question on CPTs.

    Provide code blocks to show your work
    – Wrap your <code> so it’s readable.
    – 10 lines or less (which isn’t a lot, see below).
    – A link to a gist where your code is. It doesn’t have to be that, works and so do many others.

    Include as much detail about your code
    – If your code needed something to set it up first (as in relies on other functions) let us know.
    – Do some basic troubleshooting. Sometimes a theme or a plugin can interfere inadvertently with your code. Revert to the Twenty Seventeen theme and deactivate your plugins. Does the function work after that? You may need to re-post your question in that theme/plugin’s support sub-forum instead.

    – Sorry for yelling. 😉 For your topic in Developing with WordPress you may be asked to do things that will break your site. For a dev or UAT/QA site that could be alright. For your live site it’s Not A Good Idea™ so please work in a sandbox where you can make a mess.

    Please do not post here if your topic is one of the following

    Any commercial product

    Commercial products are not for these volunteer forums.

    Welcome to the support forums

    Please ask at the author or vendor’s site those questions. That’s what you paid them for and topics for commercial products are often closed with a note.

    “My theme/plugin/site is not working”

    Please post that in Fixing WordPress for general support topics.

    For specific theme or plugin support use that theme/plugin support sub-forum instead.

    Plugin specific questions
    – Woocommerce or any plugin specific coding question belongs in that plugin’s sub-forum. That really is the best place to ask and in the case of Woocommerce that’s a very active sub-forum and community.

    Please keep those topics in the right place.

    Plugin recommendations
    – “I need to do X-EFFECT-HERE. What plugin do you recommend?” That’s not a code questions, please ask in the Fixing WordPress sub-forum instead.

    – This one probably needs its own blog post. If you are posting a 500 word specification on what you need, with sub-bullet points then please consider posting on a job site instead.

    – These are volunteer support forums. The people who give of their own time to staff these forums also tend to do this for a living. Posting a job spec isn’t for here but perhaps for one of these sites.

    That’s not a big list and is just posted as an example. There are others.

    If you are posting a job spec then please don’t. It doesn’t belong here but there are many places where it would be more appropriate to post that.

    That’s all for now

    This isn’t a comprehensive list and this post will be updated from time to time. But I hope it gives you a good idea of what topics belong in Developing with WordPress.

    For any questions or comments on this closed sticky topic, please reach out to the moderators via the #forums Slack channel.

    This will require a Slack account and you can sign up for that with these instructions.

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