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  • Hi Jeff,
    how can i use template tag to show login form, register form and lost password in my template file?
    Im using this:

    <?php theme_my_login( array( ‘register_form’ => ‘register-form.php’ , ‘show_title’ => 0) ); ?>

    but it’s showing just the login form.
    register-form.php it’s in my theme folder

    Thanks a lot

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  • Hey Jess,
    i found the solution in the forum!
    Im doing like this:

    <?php theme_my_login( array( ‘default_action’ => ‘login’, ‘show_title’ => 0 ) ); ?>

    <?php theme_my_login( array( ‘default_action’ => ‘register’, ‘show_title’ => 0 ) ); ?>

    <?php theme_my_login( array( ‘default_action’ => ‘lostpassword’, ‘show_title’ => 0 ) ); ?>

    This is in the index.php, because just user logged can see the site.
    The problem is that in the register module or in the lost password module , if the field are wrong, it redirect to login/?action=lostpassword showing the login module.
    I tried to redirect to the home page from General -> Permalinks, but this solution not working, it’s not showing the error message, but still the login form.
    How can i do?
    Thanks a lot

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    You need to change the form ACTION attribute in your form templates.

    Hi Jeff,
    – i copied login-form.php, register-form.php and lostpassword-form.php in my theme folder

    – in my home.php (it’s a static page that im using like index) i have the code that i told u before

    – In TML -> General -> Permalink i setup di urls with just / to redirect to my home page

    – The Action attributes are:
    action=”<?php $template->the_action_url( ‘login’ ); ?>”
    action=”<?php $template->the_action_url( ‘register’ ); ?>”
    action=”<?php $template->the_action_url( ‘lostpassword’ ); ?>”

    But i dont konw i should change!
    Thanks a lot if u can help me! I really need!


    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    Yes, and the_action_url usually points to the actual Login page. Instead, change the action to whatever the URL is of the page you’re using.

    Hi Jeff,
    no need to change the action URL in my template file, because this:

    $template->the_action_url( ‘login’ );
    $template->the_action_url( ‘register’ );
    $template->the_action_url( ‘lostpassword’ );

    thake the value from -> General -> Permalink

    I just changed the permalink like this:
    /?action= register&instance=1
    /?action= lostpassword&instance=1

    Like this, point to myhome page all 3 form. Im gonna hide/show with css and jQuery


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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