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  • This is my first attempt at modifying the main query using the pre_get_posts action/filter

    This is the function currently hooked to it:

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    This is a plugin built on top of a WooCommerce installation. So basically this function tries to support searching a WooCommerce product either through the standard search (title and content) or an attribute search on a custom attribute called Ordering Code which is pa_ordering-code in the term_taxonomy table

    Other parts of the code works fine, I can modify the s and post__not_in vars without any problems, but if I try to use the tax_query it, the query seems to break down.

    To give you an idea, when I try this:


    dumping the WHERE clause, I see this:

    AND wp_posts.ID NOT IN (219)
    AND 0 = 1
        (wp_posts.post_title LIKE '%foo%') OR
        (wp_posts.post_content LIKE '%foo%')
      ) AND (
        (wp_posts.post_title LIKE '%foo bar%') OR
        (wp_posts.post_content LIKE '%foo bar%')
    AND wp_posts.post_type = 'product'
    AND (wp_posts.post_status = 'publish' OR wp_posts.post_status = 'private')
        wp_postmeta.meta_key = '_visibility' AND
        CAST(wp_postmeta.meta_value AS CHAR) IN ('visible','search')

    Notice the AND 0 = 1? When I dump the JOIN clause, I become sure that the tax_query parameter isn’t being interpreted properly since I only see the postmeta table in there. No terms, term_relationships, or term_taxonomy table.

    And I also tried simply overwriting the existing tax_query (if there is one) by doing this:

    $args = array(
        'taxonomy' => 'pa_ordering-code',
        'field' => 'name',
        'terms' => array($keyword),
        'operator' => 'LIKE'
    $query->set('tax_query', $args);

    But I still could not get it to work. Any ideas as to what I may be doing wrong?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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