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  • Hi, I am a non-tech newbie to blogging.

    I recently decided to do some research on tags/categories, because I was using them very freely and didn’t understand what they were exactly. After researching for hours, I am still confused. I am trying to develop a “scheme” for using tags/categories effectively for SEO purposes.

    I also recently downloaded the All in one SEO plugin and noticed in many of the “tag v. categories” posts I was reading, many of the authors suggested adjusting the noindex options in the plugin.

    I’ve kept the plugins default settings:
    “Use noindex for Categories” and “Use noindex for Archives” boxes are CHECKED and the “Use nonindex for Tag Archives” box is UNCHECKED.

    I also noticed “Use Tags for META keywords” is CHECKED but “Use Categories for META keywords” is UNCHECKED.

    What are the implications of these settings on the way I use tags or categories? …or are there any at all? Do these settings favor the use of tags over categories?

    I would be very appreciative of any suggestions at all relating to tags vs. categories or the all in one SEO plugin on web-hosted wordpress blogs.

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