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  1. Firehawk
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I use my blog as root directory and have set up 2 other sites. Now I'd like to use one of these subsites as root directory and point the blog to a subfolder (/blog/ or whatever)

    In other words: at the moment http://www.example.com is showing my blog and the 2 sites are accessible through http://www.example.com/site1 and http://www.example.com/site2. What I'd like to have is when accessing http://www.example.com it should point to /site1 and my blog should be accessible through http://www.example.com/blog

    Any easy way to do this? It's bugging me for the last couple hours and I can't seem to figure it out :/

  2. Not really. You can switch your 'root' site, but then that one will be example.com/blog :/

    Why not give example.com a static front page, and pull in site1's posts?

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