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  • mbzo2006


    I´d like to use it BUT i can´t get Simply Poll to remember the poll i just created.
    Polls Admin just tells me that no polls have been made yet (wtf?) and i need to add a poll. Yes, i did that already (twice).
    So what next?

    Plugin Author WolfieZero


    Odd, I’ve just tested this issue and it doesn’t seem to happen. Sounds like the poll data isn’t being written to the database. Simply Poll needs to make a new table, which it does on install.

    Does your WordPress installation have permissions to create a table (so in fact the username for your DB)? Might be worth checking in your WordPress DB – probably via phpMyAdmin – and looking to see if there is a table called [prefix]_sp_poll ([prefix] normally being something like wp_ or if you have a multi-site install wp_[NUMBER]).

    Let me know once you checked your permissions and if the table is there and I can help further.




    You´re right. No such _sp_poll table in DB. Strange, indeed. I´ll try reinstalling your plugin…

    Plugin Author WolfieZero


    I’ll make a note for the next version to put a check in to see if the table has been created so thanks for reporting this!

    If you want to run the SQL yourself, I’ve supplied it here, though make sure you replace [PREFIX] and [WP CHARSET] with the values your WordPress install has.

    EDIT: Forum didn’t display it right so I’ve posted the code on Gist

    Tnx, that worked, table created. I can create polls now.
    Need some extra help understanding functionality: what shud happen when someone votes? They shud see the results of the poll, right?
    Just tried this on a local wp installation with poll shortcode in text widget on sidebar – poll displays ok. If i vote, the poll questions are hidden, but no results are shown. Only the title of the poll remains visible. If i refresh the page i can see the poll questions again. Am i missing something?

    Plugin Author WolfieZero


    Apologies, this is my fault (that I would like to blame on WordPress SVN), but that file is missing!

    I’ve pushed a 1.3.2 update to get that file added back in.

    Sorry about that!

    Tnx, I´ll download it and let you know.

    Is it possible to make the poll box wider?

    It would be nice to have the text to the right of each button, not below.

    On my page: the box is too narrow to display the text next to the buttons. Can it be widened?

    Plugin Author WolfieZero


    Hi ChorleyPS,

    if you go into the simply-poll plugin folder and go to /view/client/simply-poll.css. Look for the class .sp-label you should see the following

    .sp-label {
    	display:	inline-block;
    	width:		210px;

    change that width value from 210px to auto and that will fix your issue.

    Might be worth noting that you can make any style changes you want to Simply Poll in this file.

    Hope that helps!

    Hi WolfieZero,

    Thanks for the prompt response.

    That works fine on Firefox, but doesn’t seem to in Opera, IE or Chrome.

    …or is it just me?

    Plugin Author WolfieZero


    Seems to be fine in Chrome (where I tested it originally), should be fine in Opera when I use Dragonfly, so might be a cache issue. Are you still editing the CSS file as the value keeps changing in Opera?

    Hi again,

    Yes, i was editing the CSS to try some other numeric values — sorry!

    You’re right — it was a cache issue. It works beautifully now.

    Thanks again for your help…

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