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  • Another question. I am working on layout of my site and would like to insert things from other plugins that use short code. What is the best way to do that efficiently? For example [wp_cart:PRODUCT-NAME:price:[VARIATION-NAME|VARIATION-LABEL1,VARIATION-PRICE1|VARIATION-LABEL2,VARIATION-PRICE2]:end] is a short-code for my paypal shopping cart. I would like that displayed under a button I set up with Plugnedit. Thank you in advance!


    Brandon Baird

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    You can use either the New HTML Layer or the Embed HTML.
    If you use the New HTML Layer you will need to click the
    “Click to edit” above the “HTML Box Source” text area
    in the text menu.


    I also have a question about shortcodes. I am using s2Member as a membership plugin to protect some content. It uses shortcodes and conditional to determine if something will be displayed to a member or not, depending on the custom capabilities they have.

    Currently, on my site, I have a few pages where I would LOVE to use PNE, and those pages use shortcodes

    1- some pages will have several sections (sales pitch, video, handouts) that are available only under some conditions, determined by the shortcode. Can I use those?

    2- a couple of pages use php conditional to determine if the viewer is to be displayed the page in question, or redirected to another page (depending on their access level). So far, I have used those codes on the very top of the pages, Is there a way to use them with your plugin?

    Would I be able to use those features with the New HTML layer?

    Plugin Author Javascript Tech LLC


    You will have to check to see if it works. I do not see any reason why the shortcode would not work.

    I would use the embed video/html button and adjust the size of the box to tiny. Then in the layers menu I would uncheck the box next to the layer name so it is invisible.


    I tested php code for conditional and that works fine; I can incorporate my buy now button with all the necessary code.

    I tried using the embed video/html layer and entered this code:

    [s2If is_user_logged_in()]
        Content for anyone that is logged in, regardless of their Membership Level.
    [s2If !is_user_logged_in()]
        Some public content. They're NOT logged in.
            A leading !exclamation means false.

    However, if I leave the layer visible, everything stays visible, including the code and if I uncheck the box as you suggest to make it invisible, everything is invisible, including what should be visible. How would I wrap content inside conditional shortcode? Should it be in the same “layer” or would it read the code in successive layers order?

    Plugin Author Javascript Tech LLC


    Hi Cassel

    Because I just do not know I would have to research all of this.
    I can give you a answer about how the shortcodes will work in the editor.

    I will have to research it.
    You are welcome to try on your own or wait for a answer, I will test shortcodes this week.


    Well, I tried, but I might not know all the possible features or downfalls of this wonderful plugin. I will send you an email directly so I can share some specific info on my site.

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