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    Very nice that WeChat users would be redirected to the WeChat app on mobile to pay. But both WeChat and AliPay don’t allow for RMB currency through a limitiation of Stripe:

    currency The currency of the payment. Must be the default currency for your country. Can be aud, cad, eur, gbp, hkd, jpy, nzd, sgd, or usd.

    Is there anyway around this? My Chinese customers want to pay in RMB.

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  • Plugin Author Brandon Ernst


    You did your research 😉

    The short answer to your question is that your Chinese customers will pay in RMB no matter what currency is listed on the payment form.

    Whatever currency is used on the payment form is automatically converted to RMB when customers are directed to WeChat or Alipay.

    WeChat and Alipay handle the conversion. Stripe receives the exact amount listed on the payment form in the currency used.

    This is great for expats/entrepreneurs in China who want to charge for example $10/month a given service – you get exactly $10/month in your Stripe account – you don’t see what the customer was charged in RMB.

    The downfall (and this is Stripe’s limitation) is that RMB doesn’t appear on the payment form from the beginning of the process. We were thinking of adding a conversion on the front-end for this, but we would have to hook into WeChat and Alipay APIs to find the correct rate beforehand, which seems to be pretty complex if not impossible for this use case, and momentary delays in completing payment may affect the conversion rate used by each platform.

    I suggest adding a small footnote stating that the prices will automatically convert to RMB during the checkout process.

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with! If Stripe updates this, we will be sure to follow.



    P.S. – For everyone else who reads this, the terms RMB and CNY can be used interchangeably to refer to Chinese Yuan Renminbi.

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    I have 3 kind of customers: Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China.

    I’m using some plugins to sell certain products in Hong Kong dollars to Hong Kong customers only, then in Taiwan Dollars to Taiwan customers, and in CNY to China customers.

    This all works fine with Woocommerce multicurrency and some plugins that allow me to use custom currency for chosen products.

    Will it also work with You plugin? Eg. I have a product that I only want to show on my shop in CNY and customers can pay by Wechat/Alipay in CNY, my Stripe account is in Switzerland and no matter in what currency I charge the amounts are converted to Swiss francs anyway, but I need to advertise the products in local currencies.

    Plugin Author Brandon Ernst


    Unfortunately, the way our plugin is setup right now is that it displays a list of currencies for the customer to choose from (currencies supported by Stripe – not including RMB) or a predefined currency selected in a shortcode.

    We are hoping to add RMB in the logic of the form at some point.

    The best use case for our product as of now is when a Chinese consumer is purchasing some kind of foreign product/service, like a tour, international shipment of any kind, etc.

    As of now, customers will see the item being solid in a foreign currency and then be presented with the converted rate in RMB when they’re redirected to Alipay or WeChat.

    Would there be an option to remove the currency choice field and only let the user pay in the default currency (eg. USD)?

    Plugin Author Brandon Ernst


    When the shortcode for currency is designated, the drop-down is locked at that currency.

    I locked EUR as this is my home currency, but the transfers still don’t go through.

    Also, why does the form always corrects the payment values to X.00 (eg. when I type 3 it automatically changes to 3.00). However, on the Stripe log it says it’s 300EUR instead of 3EUR:

    “object”: “source”,
    “amount”: 300,
    “client_secret”: “src_client_secret_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
    “created”: 1564588010,
    “currency”: “eur”,

    Another problem, no matter what I do but the payment never goes through and is cancelled on the Stripe side (for the customer nothing really happens). 3 of my Chinese friends tried it and it failed for all of them.
    On test mode it works fine, also both Wechat and Alipay are activated on the Stripe account:

    “statement_descriptor”: null,
    “status”: “canceled”,
    “type”: “wechat”,
    “usage”: “single_use”,
    “wechat”: {

    Plugin Author Brandon Ernst


    Just an FYI that PRO or PRO Trial support is offered privately, and we have responded directly to your emails 🙂

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