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  • Hi,

    I’m looking for a solution that let’s me import links and the comments I make on them from Pinboard to my WordPress site. WPeMatico does this – and also seem to have the possibility to add the final touch I’m looking for:

    When adding my comments to Pinboard’s description field, I sometimes quote a few paragraphs from the original article. The lines I prepend with a >, the Markdown markup for block quotes.

    I would like to have these lines wrapped in blockquote tags on my site. And since WPeMatico has support for regex, it seems like it should be possible to do the transformation.

    But since I don’t now anything about regex at this point, before I dive in I just wonder if it is at all possible to do what I want or if I misunderstand how regex can be used in WPeMatico?


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