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    I’ve been trying to solve this issue for quite a while with no luck. I’m not very good with programming but still trying to have a crack.

    My setup is I’ve enabled users to post topics frontend (just like this form) but with the “img” quicktag enabled. So, users can insert an image link within the post.

    My ultimate goal is to add a link to each image and the href linking to the images src.

    So eg. my current output for images is <img src="link-to-image.jpg">

    But what I’d like to achieve is <a href="link-to-image.jpg"><img src="link-to-image.jpg"></a>

    My only luck so far was by using the regex code found here:

    I’ve tried many different ways including functions like: image_send_to_editor, get_image_tag, $replacement, $pattern but nothing so far has made any changes to the image markup like it has with the regex code above.

    I’ve updated this section of the code to add a span before image linking to the post thumbnail attachment, but how can i achieve to link each image to its full src within the post using this regex code:

    // If we get any hits then put the code before and after the img tags
    if ( $mh_matches ) {;
            for ( $mh_count = 0; $mh_count < count( $mh_matches[0] ); $mh_count++ )
                    // Old img tag
                    $mh_old = $mh_matches[0][$mh_count];
                    // Get the img URL, it's needed for the button code
                    $mh_img_url = $mh_matches[1][$mh_count];
                    // Put together the pinterest code to place before the img tag
                    $mh_pinterest_code = '<span class="test"><a href="' . ( wp_get_attachment_url( get_post_thumbnail_id() ) ) . '">';
                    // Replace before the img tag in the new string
                    $mh_new = preg_replace( '/^/' , $mh_pinterest_code , $mh_old );
                    // After the img tag
                    $mh_new = preg_replace( '/$/' , '</a></span>' , $mh_new );
                    // make the substitution
                    $content = str_replace( $mh_old, $mh_new , $content );
    return $content;

    Full code here:


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  • Moderator bcworkz


    I’m not sure what you’re really asking for. If you want complete working code, I’m the wrong person to help you, I don’t write code for people. I am more than willing to help you learn to code for yourself and point out any obscure WP knowledge you may need.

    You are on the right track, regexp is the best way to extract image URLs out of random markup. It’s really a matter of continually testing and editing your code until it works correctly, there is no magic answer to writing string manipulation code.

    If you need help developing the correct regexp, maybe this site will help:
    Again, there is no magic answer, test and edit until you get what you want.

    You apparently figured out how to wrap an img tag around a matched image URL, so I’m not sure why you cannot add a link as well. It’s just different text to wrap, the concept is the same. You may have code something like the following, assuming the image URL is in $match (I’ll dispense with array indexes in this example):
    $new = "<img src='$match'>";

    Adding the anchor tag is not much different:
    $new = "<a href='$match'><img src='$match'></a>";

    Hey bcworkz, thanks for your reply. I did test and edit like you said and was able to figure out how to href link the img to its original src. It wasn’t too bad.

    Instead of:
    $mh_pinterest_code = '<span class="test"><a href="' . ( wp_get_attachment_url( get_post_thumbnail_id() ) ) . '">';

    I just replaced the get_attachment to:
    $mh_pinterest_code = '<span class="test"><a href="' . $mh_img_url . '">';

    Works good 🙂

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