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  • Okay, I love this plugin a lot. It’s exactly what I was looking for to bring safety and security to my site. However, I’ve uncovered one minor flaw with the efficiency of this plugin when using WordPress MU: It doesn’t actually work on anything except the main site.

    As an example, I’ll refer to my new Film student community site,

    On GV Talent, users who are not logged into the site have pretty restricted access, but they aren’t totally locked out. I wanted non-logged in users to see how the site works, and be able to navigate, but not have the ability to see user profile data. This plugin has provided amazing flexibility with that purpose… except when it comes to subdomains.

    My site is going to feature several blogs, and so far it has just one. The blog is located at The tricky part though, is that everything is wide open on the subdomain, and because i’m running buddypress in WPMU, all users are easily accessible from the blog site as well. Although it doesn’t look like it, because I have a custom menu redirecting people to the main site, simply typing in a page address after “” allows anyone to see everything. For example: “” – Normally… activity is blocked, but because it’s on a subdomain now, typing that in actually works.

    Is there any way to get this plugin to work on the subdomain as well? Thanks in advance for the help.

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