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  • I use and love Postie, and have a question about extending it just a bit.

    There’s a way to use Postie to set up an email reply as a comment to a post: (from the config instructions)
    Replying to an e-mail gets posted as a comment.

    * For example, you e-mailed a post with the subject line “foo”. If you then send an e-mail with the subject line “Re: foo”, it will get posted as a comment to the “foo” post. This works by the subject line, so if you have two posts with titles “foo”, then the comment will get placed in the more recent post.

    Now, the question: Some of my post notifications are echoed to a Google Group that applies a [prefix] in square brackets to the Subject line, so the Subject line in a reply email looks like this:

    [GroupName] Re: foo

    Which means this wouldn’t be posted as a comment by Postie….

    Is there a way to twiddle a Postie setting somewhere so that emails with this type of subject line could be processed as comments?

    Thank you for any thoughts!


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