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  • I am using like to keep reading mainly for the facebook feature

    The whole idea of this plugin is to make your user share your website or fan page via social media before you continue.

    I was wondering if somehow I can use this plugin out of wordpress.

    And for that sake any plugin for my main website.

    I will appreciate it very much if anybody can help

    -thanks, christopherson

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  • No. WordPress plugins are designed to work within the WordPress framework.

    That said, you can always take a look at their code to see how they are coded. You will see a lot of functions and variables that are unique to WordPress, however.

    How much HTML and PHP do you know?

    Actually yes you can. Tho you ll need a good understanding of php.
    add require (‘path/to/file/in/wordpress/install/wp-blog-header.php’); at the top of the page thats outside of wordpress.

    download the plugin and unzip, and put the plugins php file and css file if one in your root directory or where ever else you want it.
    include the php file and link the css

    you ll then need to go through the plugins php file and look thro the code and see how to call the plugin and what args might be required

    This was my setup to use the noaa weather widget outside of wordpress

    then in the body i added

    $test = new NOAA_Weather_Widget();
    $args = array(
    "name"=> "Main Sidebar",
    "id"=> "sidebar-1",
    "description"=> "Appears on posts and pages except the optional Front Page template, which has its own widgets",
    "class"=> "",
    "before_widget"=> '<aside id="noaa_weather-2" class="widget noaa_weather">',
    "after_widget"=> "</aside>",
    "before_title"=> '<h3 class="widget-title">',
    "after_title"=> "</h3>",
    "widget_id"=> "noaa_weather-2",
    "widget_name"=> "NOAA Weather",
    $instance = array(
    "noaa_title"=> "NOAA Weather",


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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