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    I already have a membership plugin, but can see using ParticipantDB as a transaction DB.

    To do this, I could reconfigure the tables to permit a registered user to access a page which has text-entry fields and check boxes, etc. I would use the existing loginID as a foreign key and a timestamp for uniqueness in creating new records.

    In “PDb_Init.class.php,” I see the create statements, table structure and arrays for values. I am thinking that all of the customization I need to do for creation will be done here. Am I right? Are there other files which need to be aware of changes?

    After I get this working, I will want short_codes. Will new templates suffice?

    I will also need to instantiate new transaction records with read-only values (userID and TS) acquired in-session. Is this a short_code issue?


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    Well, I honestly don’t really understand what you’re trying to do, or how the plugin as it stands helps you create what you want to do…so I don’t think I can answer your questions. You seem to have a handle on how to get started, though.

    Your questions about the shortcodes…well, you know shortcodes are just a way to run a function from within the WP content, so the only issues that are strictly shortcode issues would be the interpretation of the attributes included in the shortcode itself. In the plugin each shortcode instantiates the class that corresponds to it, and that is probably where your transaction records would be created as well.

    That’s good enough for now.

    I am looking for insight on the processes used on the fields table, as I will be reconfiguring the field values completely. For example, ‘First Name’ will be ‘Event Type’ and, eventually, the user will have a pull-down selection menu.

    BTW, I am unable to open your ‘participants-database.pot’ using my version of PowerPoint (Mac 2011 v14.3.6). Message says ‘…may be damaged or created in pre-release version’.

    Plugin Author xnau webdesign


    Dave, you’ll find that the kind of changes you want to make don’t require anything more than eliminating the pre-defined fields I have included and creating your own. No need to get into the code to do that, just go the the “manage database fields” page and reconfigure all the fields as you like.

    May the gods have mercy on me.

    Being the hard-head that I am, I set about rewriting the PHP files and created a new installation. That was right after my previous post, because you see, I have no patience. I was able to build and populate a working table, but I ran into all manner of difficulty displaying the data in pages. I came here to ask your advice, saw your posted response and followed THAT advice. Now I have gotten past the issues I was experiencing.

    Thanks. But I’ll be back, I’m sure.

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