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    I’m using PayPal Standard to process payments with WP e-Commerce. My client has all of her local tax rates already set up in her PayPal account. However, when using WP e-Commerce default settings, the taxes weren’t being calculated on the PayPal site. I tried various combinations of the options under the Dashboard > Store > Store Settings but none of them seemed to fix the problem.

    I went into the code and commented out the PayPal tax_cart variable and that made the taxes show up again on the PayPal side. In version 3.8.13 this code is located on line 329 and looks like this:

    $paypal_vars['tax_cart'] = $this->convert( $tax_total );

    In future versions, can you add a check to not set this PayPal variable if $tax_total is 0 or if Dashboard > Store> Store Settings > Enable Tax is not set.

    Thank you.

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  • Hey Collin. Thanks for pointing this out :))

    We’re in the process of overhauling all our paypal gateways so I’ll make sure that the right people see this.

    Merry xmas!!

    Great! Looking forward to the update.

    I forgot to mention that this change needs to be made in the /wp-e-commerce/wpsc-merchants/paypal-standard.merchant.php file for those who are having the same problem until the fix.

    I am having the same issue even after I followed the workaround above. my settings are to have wpec calculate taxes for florida residents only. the taxes are handled correctly in the cart but when the order is sent to paypal, taxes are omitted. I even tried to set up the tax structure in paypal but that didn’t work either. any resolution to this yet?

    the site I am referring to is

    The way we have it is that taxes are completely disabled in wpec and the ZIP code level tax rates are set up in PayPal. The taxes will show up after you put in your credit card and billing address. They are not transmitted back to wpec via IPN. Can you try that combo and see if it works for you?

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