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  • Ok, first off I’m new to WP…next, I’m trying to use WP 1.5 as a CMS and a Blog.

    I have created Pages for different sections of my site. Some Pages have sub-sections so I’ve created sub-Pages for some of my main Pages. Using a couple of different plug-ins (Static Front Page, Fold Page List, Semiologic CMS) I have managed to get this basically working and displaying correctly.

    However, I am stuck as to how to get the Blogging aspect intergrated with these newly created Pages. Whenever I create a Post, it doesn’t appear on any of my Pages. It appears that The Loop within any particular Page contains simply one Post – the content as defined in the Write Page section of the admin.

    Is there not a way to create a (CMS) Page that has a Blog beneath it?

    Perhaps I’ve structured my WP incorrectly. Predominantly using Pages instead of Categories… I don’t know. Any comments or advice would be appreciated…


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  • Is there not a way to create a (CMS) Page that has a Blog beneath it?

    Not really. Posts are posts and Pages are Pages. Better not to mix them.
    Actually, WP can be used as a kind of CMS, for example combining categories and Pages. Not knowing what the desired structure should look like it is difficult to point you in the right direction.

    Thanks moshu. Are you suggesting I use Categories instead of Pages to handle sections and sub-sections?

    I can try and outline the desired structure. Imagine a simplified site with three main sections. One section being a “static” homepage, the next being a blog with “static” content and possible sub-sections and the last section which could two levels deep of sub-sections. (Ignore periods, as I don’t know how to space)


    NEWS + Blog
    .....+ Events + Event 1
    ..............+ Event 2

    PROGRAMS + Program 1 + Program 1 Detail
    .........|...........+ Program 1 Other Misc.
    .........+ Program 2 + Program 2 Detail

    So, I’ve created HOME, NEWS and PROGRAMS as Pages. Events, Program 1 and 2 are all sub-Pages and so on.

    Is there a way for a Blog page to have sub-Pages or even sibling Pages associated with it?

    I was thinking about using Get-a-Post plugin and specifying a single post to be used as the “static” content above the normal Loop posts to sort of fake a CMS Page.

    What is what you call a “Blog page”?
    You can publish content in two ways: as a post (which has to have a category) and as a Page (they don’t have categories).
    Both categories and Pages can have children (or subcats and subPages).

    What is what you call a “Blog page”?

    I guess I consider a Blog page any page which has multiple time-sensitive posts (such as a Recent News page).

    If I’m understanding correctly, only a Category page can have multiple Posts shown on a page? A (WP) Page is simply used for one (static-like) Post for CMS situations.

    OK, now I got it: that would be the blog’s main page or the monthly or category (archive) views.

    Yes, you are right: Pages per definitionem will display only one “content”.

    Ok, so I guess my question at this point is how do I specify the blog’s main page as a menu item among other Pages? Right now, I’m creating a horizontal nav by using wp_list_pages() in my header. I’m also selectively listing Pages in the Sidebar to get the subnavs.

    I gather what I need to do is list Pages, inserting the blog’s main page. I guess I’m confused as to how to get the Blog’s page to show up in the menu.

    You may want to check out this thread:
    (and/or search for similar topics)

    You could define a custom page template for the page in which you want the blog posts to appear. Then in the page template you could use the Customizable Post Listings plugin to list the posts from the approriate category.

    I’ve done something sort of like this for my church site. The home page lists recent posts from one category in the center section, and recent posts from the news category in the right sidebar. So the home page is a WP Page, but it also includes recent posts from two different categories.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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