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  • hello wordpress users,

    Firstly, I want to use pages hierarchy as the structure of my last website.
    I mean I don’t use category, but parent pages and children pages.
    I’ll use posts only for the blog part, in the future.

    Ok it seems to work fine

    Secondly, I’m using WPML too.
    very nice plugin for multilingual management & workflow.
    I’m using the “per categories” mode: the main site is “” and the translation is “” etc.
    It works.

    The problem is using these 2 ways (pages hierarchy as structure + WPML)
    I made 4 pages:
    page-parent-lang1 (link: OK )
    — page-child-lang1 (link: OK )
    page-parent-lang2 (link: OK )
    — page-child-lang2 (link: 404! )
    the translation part, management, link are ok.

    the problem is the link (the permalink)
    it gives me one 404 as shown before

    any ideas?
    is it a kind of bug ?
    did I set badly the permalink ? (actually, it is : /%category%/%post_id% as custom but it isn’t involved in page .. no?)

    all the best,

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  • the permalink on PAGES not posts should be in the format

    page-parent-lang1 (link:
    — page-child-lang1 (link:
    page-parent-lang2 (link:
    — page-child-lang2 (link:

    post_id – can be either the page_ID number, or the page_name
    parent_id – can be either the page_ID number, or the page_name
    page_name – is the slug name, not the page title

    if you want to use the format –
    — page-child-lang1 (link:
    — page-child-lang2 (link:
    then you should really be using the post_ID number as you’ve removed hierarchical sorting and your database will get hammered with queries and redirect rules build up (see the discussion about it in trac).

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