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  • I’ve done some searching for “inline,” “pages,” “wrapper,” etc. but haven’t been able to find a thread that addresses what I’d like to accomplish, which is as follows:

    1. I have my WP blog up and running.

    2. I have a few small scripts unrelated to WP that I want to incorporate into the look and feel of WP using pages. In other words, using the pages feature in WP, I’d like to “wrap” or provide “inline” access to these scripts (one is an appointment/scheduling script) directly through a page I create in WP.

    3. Is anyone else doing something like this? If so, what technique / plugin / code or….?….are you using or recommend? In the past I’ve used something like this but if there is something better that is already created for WP specifically, I’d prefer to use it instead of (which doesn’t seem to work in WP pages anyway):


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  • There are four possible ‘hooks’ into pages. At least from where I sit!

    1. CG-Redirect. Allows you to have a Page listed, that jumps to another script. So, it hooks naturally into your site navigation. (not likely what you want at this first stage..)
    2. CG-QuickPHP. Allows you to call ONE function in PHP, thus good for single-function hooks into secondary systems.
    3. Other PHP embedders — allow you to put unlimited PHP into the page content, but with more complexity as well.
    4. Pages can ‘bind’ to a particular template/theme file. So, create a custom Pages template for each custom page, pull out the WP loop, and insert all the custom code you’d like. It’ll still be ‘wrappered’ by the overall theme, and will show up in place of any Page ‘content’.


    Those are great recommendations and I appreciate your response, David, but the scripts I want to incorporate into the look and feel (basically just wrap them in a page) are applications unto themselves. In other words, I wouldn’t be able to take parts of php code and put it in a WP page for these because they’ve got complete functionality all on their own (and are several files). What I want to do is iframe / inline the main page of these separate scripts/apps and have the user be able to fully utilize their functionality but without it appearing as though they’ve left my blog — it would be transparent to them and the entire app would be accessible through some sort of an iframe on a WP page. Any further thoughts on this? Thanks!

    I’m actually trying to do the same thing. Being a WP/coder noob I’m not sure what is meant by the first 3 options and/or how to use them.

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