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    Hey, after searching around to get a navigation for this nice plugin I worked something out that works for me.

    1. Get the full jQuery cycle plugin (not the lite one used in this plugin) from (I just replaced the code in the jquery.cycle.lite.1.0.min.js; not sure if its necessary at all)
    2. In jj_ngg_jquery_cycle.php change line 198
    $output .= "\n jQuery('div#" . $html_id . "').jjcycle(";
    $output .= "\n jQuery('div#" . $html_id . "').cycle(";
    in order to call the new code
    3. I changed line 199 – 203 to

    if(count($javascript_args) > 0)
          $output .= "{" . implode(",", $javascript_args) . ", pager: '#galerie-nav', prev:    '#prev', next:    '#next',pagerAnchorBuilder: pagerFactory}";
        $output .= ");";
    	$output .= "function pagerFactory(idx, slide) {
            return '<li><a href=\"#\">'+(idx+1)+'</a></li>';

    in order to get the funcionality
    4. Now you place the pagination wherever you want and style it with CSS. I got it beneath the image, line 180.

    $output .= '
        <div id="pagination">
            <a href="#"><span id="prev"><</span></a>
            <ul id="galerie-nav"></ul>
    		<a href="#"><span id="next">></span></a>

    Hope it works for you. In my case the pagination is needed in every gallery. If you want it more flexible you might add something like
    if($pager != "") { $javascript_args[] = "pager: '" . $pager . "'"; }
    in around line 190.

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    Where can I find jj_ngg_jquery_cycle.php? There seems to be 2 of them (or I probably got confused) can this still work with the last updated version of this plugin? I’m trying to get number pagination along with next and previous links :/ I wonder if this can be used for Cycle 2 as well..

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