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  • It depends on the image — some are copyrighted, in which case you need to ask whoever owns the copyright. Look at the information associated with the image – it generally has a link or text about the copyright or status.

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    It’s usually not a good idea to go and grab images from Google. You might make some enemies that way. :/

    ALL images are copyright to whoever produced the image at the start. You can only use them if the original producer agrees. If you want to use it you have to either find images that are licensed as free to use (there’s a few webistes out there that offerthat), or aquire (normally means purchasing) a licence from the original owner.

    copying images is not seo friendly as well

    Would the person who owned such an image be able to take legal action against someone who used their image or would it just be a case of having to remove it if they asked me to?

    Btw I am not talking about stealing other peoples logos or personal pictures etc. I am talking more about using generic photos of famous places people usually wouldn’t mind someone using.

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    if people don’t mind their pics being used, they may encourage usage by attaching a Creative Commons license. If you search on Flickr you’ll find a lot of images of famous places – some you can’t use and some with a Creative Commons license which states how the image can be used and whether attribution is required.

    Noz, there are two things here. First, you steal somebody else’s work which may not be appreciated, but second, you can do this by either downloading the image and upload it to your own website, or by “hotlinking” or “deeplinking” which means that in your post you give a <img src= with the direct url of the image, or in other words, you use the server of the owner of the image (and their bandwidth) and this is something I personally loath big time since when it happens to me, I get fake referrers, more use of my server, etc. Then there is of course the point for youself, when you use my image in this way and I delete it, you have a broken image.

    I think the whole moral issue of whether it is ok to use other peoples images, or what kind of images it is ok to use is a whole other story. I am just wondering about the legalities of it if I were to use, say a photo of Everest on my site, to be honest if you search any specific photo on google you will find at least 5 sites using it anyway, so knowing who was the original owner would be near impossible. So I am just curious what would happen to those other 4 people if the original owner was upset about it.

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    Google getty images unauthorized use

    Reverse image search tools such as tineye make it easy for people to find unauthorized copies of images they own.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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