[resolved] Using Optimize Press on MultiSites? (4 posts)

  1. nd00jan
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I have Optimized Press installed on my WordPress site. Then I have a Sales Funnel.

    The thing with Optimize Press is that I can only have one Sales funnel for every Optimize Press Theme.

    Actually I want more than one funnel.

    Then I figure that maybe WordPress MultiSites would be a solution to this and asked the Optimized Press support and they replied:

    "Currently OP isn't set up to use the multi site system. I would install it as a stand alone install."

    So I replied and said this would be pretty much a stand alone install, since there will be several sites on the same domain, and one OP install per site. Then I got this reply:

    "Our funnel system does not work in this way you can only use one funnel per site im afraid."

    It sounds like they don't get the concept of MultiSites. I mean they are treated as individual sites so I don't think there should be any broblem. Then there would be only one Optimized Press installation and sales funnel per site.

    Or is it me that don't understand the concept with MultiSites?

    I'm not sure if I only have to install the theme once in the main WordPress Installation and then this theme also will automatically be applied to all the subsites? If not, then I think I should be able to manually install the themes in each and every separate version of WordPress.

    Wouldn't I be able to do this with Optimize Press as well as any other theme?

  2. It depends on how they wrote their code.

    If they did it dynamically, then if you activate the plugin per site, you're fine. If they did not... like they make a new table, but not prefaced correctly, then you can't.

  3. nd00jan
    Posted 3 years ago #


    I have now installed multisites and will experiment with OP and se how it goes...

  4. johnleebkk
    Posted 3 years ago #

    does it work with multisite?

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