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  • If you have two forms on the same page, and they are both using the new drag and drop columns built into GF, if the column plugin based form is on that page it will break the drag and drop layout. of the forms. I think the css class rules are too loose and just effect affect every form on the page instead of just the form I’m wanting.

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    Hi @partiallypro,

    Thank you for your message, and many apologies for the inconvenience caused by this issue.

    We are currently in the process of resolving this problem and expect to have a new version of the plugin released promptly.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Kind regards.

    Plugin Author WebHolism


    Hi @partiallypro,

    Please can you download version 4.0.0 of the plugin and see if that resolves the issue.

    Many thanks for your time and assistance in identifying this problem.




    Not sure if this is the same problem and there are quite similar topics.
    My page broke when it had two forms on the page.
    One form is using a column break field and another one is without it.
    Using version 4.0.0

    PHP Warning: Undefined array key 1 in gf-form-multicolumn/includes/public/WH_GF_Multicolumn_Public_Form_Current.php on line 145
    PHP Warning: Undefined array key 1 ingf-form-multicolumn/includes/public/WH_GF_Multicolumn_Public_Form_Current.php on line 147

    PHP Fatal error: Uncaught DivisionByZeroError: Division by zero in gf-form-multicolumn/includes/public/WH_GF_Multicolumn_Public_Form_Current.php:147

    So i was checking the code and the problem was with.

    $columnWidthCount = $this->rowColumnArray[ $this->rowCounter ] * 2;
    			$columnWidth      = is_numeric( ( 100 - $columnWidthCount ) /
    			                                $this->rowColumnArray[ $this->rowCounter ] )
    				? floor( ( 100 - $columnWidthCount ) /
    				         $this->rowColumnArray[ $this->rowCounter ] ) : 1;

    This solution fixed the problem for me.

    	public function define_output_elements_2_5( $field_container, $field, $form	) {
    		if ( $this->is_gfmc_field_type( $field->type ) ) {
    			$columnWidthCount =  isset( $this->rowColumnArray[ $this->rowCounter ]  ) && $this->rowColumnArray[ $this->rowCounter ] > 0 ?
    				$this->rowColumnArray[ $this->rowCounter ] * 2 : 1;
    			$columnWidth      = is_numeric( ( 100 - $columnWidthCount ) / $columnWidthCount )
    				? floor( ( 100 - $columnWidthCount ) / $columnWidthCount ) : 1;
    Plugin Author WebHolism


    Hi @mairo20,

    Many thanks for taking the time to contact us regarding this problem and for providing the code for a fix. We will investigate the issue on our side and make a release based on your suggestions.

    If you encounter any other issues (and/or can recommend any other fixes), please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Kind regards.

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