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  • Ok I am trying to restore my blog from backup. I have done the following steps: 1. Login to phpMyAdmin.
    2. Click databases, and select the database that you will be importing your data into.
    3. You will then see either a list of tables already inside that database or a screen that says no tables exist. This depends on your setup.
    4. Across the top of the screen will be a row of tabs. Click the Import tab.
    5. On the next screen will be a Location of Text Filet box, and next to that a button named Browse.
    6. Click Browse. Locate the backup file stored on your computer.
    7. Make sure the SQL radio button is checked.
    8. Click the Go button.

    BUt don’t know how to do the following:

    Assuming your backup is a .bz2 file, creating using instructions similar to those given for Backing up your database using Mysql commands, the following steps will guide you through restoring your database :

    1. Unzip your .bz2 file:

    user@linux:~/files/blog> bzip2 -d blog.bak.sql.bz2

    Note: If your database backup was a .tar.gz called blog.bak.sql.tar.gz file, then, tar -zxvf blog.bak.sql.tar.gz is the command that should be used instead of the above.

    2. Put the backed-up SQL back into MySQL:

    user@linux:~/files/blog> mysql -h mysqlhostserver -u mysqlusername
    -p databasename < blog.bak.sql

    Enter password: (enter your mysql password)

    Help! My file is a gz file by the way.

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  • My phpMyAdmin says it will automatically detect if the file is gzip (gz) compression meaning it will uncompress the file for you.

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