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  • Hello –

    Newby here… I’d like to use a slideshow I created as the header for my site. Can this be done?

    The plugin provided me to bits of code…

    [slideshow_deploy id=’335′]


    <?php do_action(‘slideshow_deploy’, ‘335’); ?>

    If I am reading correctly, the first one can be inserted directly into a page, but I cannot seem to figure out how to insert that directly into the header.

    I believe the second one goes into a style sheet somewhere in my theme folder, but I honestly have no clue where.

    Here’s the site I am building…

    The slide show I created is identical to the current header, but slowly changes colors in the background to cover the full spectrum.

    So… Can anyone help this newby figure out how to do this, or tell me if it can even be done? Thanks.

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  • Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra



    You should probably be able to replace the word “TEST” with the code for the slideshow: “<?php do_action('slideshow_deploy', '335'); ?>“. You can do this in your theme’s “header.php” file.

    Best regards,

    Stefan –

    Thanks. I was just closing in on that option via a video regarding another template. I was actually successful making it happen, BUT MY MENU disappeared in the process, and a couple extra rows text showed up in their place.

    Any suggestions on how to bring the menu items back?

    The extra rows of text appear to be those which were part of my header when I first started building the page. I told WP not to display them when I replaced the header with a static image that included text, but did not delete them from the page. I’m guessing something in my coding told them to come back on. Any thoughts?

    Riverside, CA

    Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    Hi Steve,

    I see there’s a lot of positioning going on in your theme’s header. It’s pretty hard not to mess that up when trying to place the slideshow in there.

    Perhaps you could place the slideshow below the header, between the “</header>” and “<div id="wrapper">” lines:

    <?php do_action('slideshow_deploy', '335'); ?>
    <div id="wrapper">

    Best regards,

    I greatly appreciate your rapid responses.

    I created the slideshow from the exact same image I was using for the static header, by creating a series of identical sized slides with varying colors in the background. The size remained exactly the same, and the header appears to be in the exact same spot as before.

    What I suspect to be happening is that the slideshow is on top of the menu. In other words, the menu is still there, but is covered up by the slideshow and there for not visible or accessible. If this is the case, then the trick will be to figure out how to layer the two components, with the slideshow on the bottom layer.

    That, or if I can figure out how to move the menu down a few ticks, to just below the slideshow, and place a black box behind it. That would solve the problem as well, I suspect. I just don’t know enough about such things. This is the first site I have ever built. It’s a lot of fun, but tough to learn all these subtle nuances.

    I think I resolved the unexpected text issue from earlier.

    Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    You could probably play around with the styling of the menu when opening your theme’s “style.css” file. The position of the menu is determined by the “#menu-wrapper” lines of code.

    If you want to place the menu atop of the slideshow, it may be possible to do so by giving the “#menu wrapper” in you theme’s “style.css” file a “z-index” value. More information about that can be found here.

    Thanks. I’ll play around with it in a bit and report back later.

    Stefan –

    I tried your solution this morning, but it did not work. There is still something, somewhere, that is overriding the positioning of the two items. The z-index values for both were at 9999 when I started, so I changed the header to 2, and the menu-wrapper to 3. The position for the header is ‘relative’, and the menu is ‘absolute’. Neither was ‘static’, so I was hoping/expecting the z-index change to work.

    Stefan –

    Thought you might want to know this issue was finally resolved. Pasted

    #menu-wrapper {
    	background: #000;
    	position: relative;
    	top: -20px;
    	border: 0px solid #fff;

    Into the child theme of my template and all is, once again, working as expected.

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