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  • hi

    im new to using wordpress i could really do with some advise. ive looked through the previous answers and docs but cant find what i need.

    i want to create a simple home page that has a list of artists portfolios. when you click on a portfolio it will navigate to a personalised sales page (opening in a new tab) that displays their images and customers can apply those images to canvas, cards and ecards etc. im using the convertible theme from elegant themes for the sales pages.

    my domain is which i want as the homepage. then i need a series of pages behind it named which display the products. i dont need navigation from one sales page to another. only from the home page.

    if you view the site then you will see that it is currently a sales page displaying work by Lucy MW. it isnt quite finished but im happy with this part. i need to move this current landing page to and build a new home page.

    i need to be able to use the convertible theme template that i have built, for each new artist sales page so that there is consistency and it is quick to do. for example if i want to create a page for Joe Bloggs i can copy the template from, create a page called, edit the content and put the portfolio link on the home page.

    if anyone can help me i would really appreciate it.

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