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    I’m using Pods on a site to power multiple custom types. These are each pretty straightforward, with some custom fields here and there and custom URL structures. I’d like to implement content relationships to manually curate related content. The content types currently in the picture are:

    topic (from bbPress)
    (own custom types below)

    Ideally, instances of each of these content types can be related to instances of the same type, as well as to instances of the other types. The relationships should be bidirectional. And allow for one content instance to relate to multiple other content instances – potential many-to-many relationship in database parlance.

    I’ve experimented with this on a small scale, from one of the types going to the others as well as to itself again. However, when I tried to push that all the way, that is, to relate each content type to itself and to the others, Pods had problems with the setup.

    My question is, is the current version of Pods suited to such a relationship setup? I am aware that improvements are coming in the next major version, but that seems to be a ways away still, and I’d ideally like to achieve this functionality without having to introduce another plugin if possible.

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  • What was the problem Pods had? I’ve done a similar setup with no issues.

    Plugin Contributor Josh Pollock


    I also have no issue with bi-directional relationships between two fields in the same Pod. Can you please elaborate on what you mean by “Pods had problems with the setup.” Are you getting an error of any kind?

    To be honest, it was some months ago that I had tried it previously, so I can’t recall the details. However, it was setting up 2-way relations between all the types listed above – quite a web of connections. Getting near the end of setting them all up, WordPress balked badly, which at the time I assumed was something to do with all those connections, since that was the only change I had made.

    I’ve recently given this setup another try, and it’s actually working well – far better than it did previously. Two-way connections, multiple selects, no trouble establishing or displaying the relationships. The issue I had previously might have been an issue with the then-current version of WP or Pods, or perhaps in how I did it. Doesn’t appear to be any problem now. Just though I’d inquire as to whether there were limitations in how many bidirectional connections could be used.

    Plugin Contributor Josh Pollock



    I’m glad to hear that this worked out. There are no theoretically limits to how many relationships can be used. There are practical limits imposed by the demands that each level of complexity puts on your server. What those limits are depends on your server and how aggressive you are with cacheing.

    Take care,

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