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  • I’ve just installed and tested the plugin.. was about to buy the Pro features until I realized that my keywords were not working (I was using 2 keywords : [ebay_show_items keywords="wayne dresser"]

    When I use:
    [ebay_show_items keywords="wayne"] I get results and when I use:
    [ebay_show_items keywords="dresser"] I get the correct results for that as well… but when I use both keywords, I get ‘No Products Found’

    Love to be able to use and recommend this plugin as well as order the Pro features,.. but, it has to work right out of the box.

    DEVELOPERS: Any word on what might be causing this???


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    Try replacing space with + and let me know what happens.

    Hey there… sorry for the delay, I was waiting for an email saying someone had replied and haven’t received anything, so i thought I would check the posting today… GLAD YOU REPLIED.. Thank you!

    I did as requested and used the ‘+’ sign between keywords, and go ‘No Products Found’, yet when I use them separately several products display.

    Any ideas???

    UPDATE: When I use two keywords,.. separated by a space as initially specified, I only receive results for the FIRST keyword in the brackets.. nothing shows for the second keyword, unless I use them separately.

    Thanks again!!

    Hi CSA,.. any word on how to resolve this issue with the plugin results when using keywords??


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    Sorry – no updates, been focusing on doing the paid customization requests over on the SLP plugin. That = food on the table and take precedence over anything else I work on. I hope to do some MoneyPress updates and will look at this when I am on that project.

    Fair enough,. guess I’ll hang tight and wait for your reply. Thanks for the update, greatly appreciated ! 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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