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  • I can’t seem to find anything on this and the thread that talk about this are not answered!

    The issue is that it seems that using CDN and multiple CNAME, only the last one is used for serving content. For instance.

    Right next to each cname you add, there is an explanation on how the cname is used. So cname1 is for css, cname2 is for js, etc.

    But all my content (and as I can find out I’m not the only one having this exact same issue) is served from the last cname. In this example cname4.

    Is this a configuration issue, or a programming bug?
    Can we manually override the behavior?
    It’s a neet feature, but it doesn’t work for me.

    Thanks for helping.

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  • I think the first few CNAMEs are for specific resources:

    CSS for CSS files
    JS for JS files in head
    JS for JS files in footer
    JS for JS files for somewhere else
    generic for everything else

    And it’s that last “everything else” that you’ll notice the most—templates, images, and any other assets.

    I get that, but all css and js is still served by that last CNAME.

    and that is specifically my question.

    Why? my CSS should come from cname1, JS from cname2 and etc. no?

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    You’re still seeing that issue in the latest release?

    yes, still the same thing

    If I configure multiple cname… only the last one is used to serve the files.

    (all css/js in the head from the source points to the last cname created)

    Similar issue for me. I created 10 cnames and for media files 80% of my files (2.0mb out of total 4.5mb) are served from one cname i.e. – hence there is very limited performance gain, with so many http requests to that one domain. (info according to a pingdom test)
    It should spread the load across all the last 6 cnames for images right?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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