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    I am having some problems with upgrading my Movabletype (MT) blog to WordPress 2.0.1. Actually the transition is very very smooth and easy, but I have some style and formatting problems that I need help from the community here:

    1) In MT when I post, I have two areas called “Entry Body” and “Extended Entry”, respectively. After I import into WP, the two areas are now one area. Is there a way to separate them?

    2) The answer to the above, I guess, would be to use the <!–more–> tag. But I have a few queries about this:

    a) is it possible to place the <!–more–> tag into the MT posts I just added to WP? Do I need to do this manually?

    b) actually, in the future when I use WP, is there a way to NOT use the <!–more–> tag and instead use a similar setup as MT where I have two separate textareas?

    Tks for your advice!

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  • 1. The importer looks for an EXTENDED BODY section in the import file with each post. If that exists (or rather, if it detects it), the importer automatically adds the <!--more--> tag before joining the contents for the entry (BODY) and extended body. So this should have happened during import, if those sections were marked EXTENDED BODY (and not EXTENDED ENTRY).

    2a. If you mean can you edit and add them after importing your content, yes. If you meant something else, please clarify.

    2b. No. WordPress incorporates the idea of an excerpt (with its separate field), but this is not the same as MT’s entry/extended structure. With WordPress it’s all about the quicktags, and along with <!--more--> you have:

    <!--noteaser--> : The teaser is any post content appearing before the <!--more--> quicktag. If you use this after <!--more-->, teaser text will not be displayed on the single post (permalink) page.

    <!--nextpage--> : Lets you to define post pagination, and can be inserted multiple times. This is used in conjunction with the link_pages() template tag.

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