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  • Hi everyone, I recently moved my blog over from .com to .org and I didnt see how much stress it could be,

    I was using modularity lite over at .com I presummed the theme would be exactly the same at .org but its not.

    all my posts since I imported them seem to be left aligned or have no alignment at all and are all over the place,

    I just want my posts to be left aligned if i set it to be that way or center aligned and etc.

    When I use the editor, my post looks exactly how i want it to be but on the page it is not

    this is my orignal page at

    and this is my new page

    I pretty much want my new page to follow the same format as my old one.

    The images seem to over lap over the theme design as well. I dont know whats going on can anyone help me, I feel so exhausted over this now and im sure its the smallest thing ever…

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  • Nice site and I wish I could offer some insight, but wow you have an incredible amount of media for a single page. Might I suggest putting it on multiple pages. That could definitely crash some slower, older browsers and systems.

    aww thanks, yeahh I plan to reduce the posts amount to 7 per page instead of 15, fingers crossed I’ll get to that stage if I get this code sorted…

    Well, this is your CSS for your

    This is your CSS from

    I would suggest copying the CSS that is currently working and replacing the style.css in your current broken theme. Make a backup just in case.

    And also, you two sites appear to be the same to me… although it’s hard to sort through that large of a page…

    Yeah its the same theme but on the features seem to be automatically working, on .org, they seem to make it much harder to set up, like for instance, on my site

    the images, when they are too big the theme hides it, on my own hosted site, its not doing that, the image goes over as much as it likes, which is shudnt because theme isnt cosmetically designed that way

    how would I find out which parts of my code are working?

    I removed all the coding from my style sheet, that did nothing for the blog posts all it. I have a feeling its something to do with the .php files blog.php or index.php ??

    can anyone help??

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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