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  • Under “Options” in the WP admin interface, you will find an option called “Permalink”. That will generate rewrite rules based on your preferences.

    which u put in ur .htaccess file…

    I just noticed this with my wp, when you use images, don’t use relative directories /images/picture.jpg. Use the full site
    At least with me anyway, when it was going from the archives with SE friendly URL,s’ when I wanted it to go to /image/picture, it was pulling /archive/2004/5/04/image/picture.jpg, which didn’t exist

    same with ANY relative url u use on the blog page… be it css or a link to any other page on the same site. 🙂

    So clicking clicking Permalink in the Options of WP-Admin, I get a set of rules that I paste in a .htaccess file & place this .htaccess file in my WP directory. Right guys?
    As for image urls, do I use full urls in the CSS stylesheets too?

    Yes, full urls everywhere. You will grateful to yourself you used full urls someday, like I was when I moved over to wordpress. 🙂

    After I upload the .htaccess file to my webserver, I can’t see it in the file browser. I’m using CuteFTP Pro 3.1 & am on Windows 2000 Advance Server, while the webserver is Linux.
    So, if I need to edit my .htaccess file in future, how can I download it? Can anyone help?

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    Use the template editor.


    If you mean WP’s template editor, then when I enter the file name in it, it says that the file can’t be updated b’coz it needs to be writable. I should CHMOD it 766.
    Now how can I CHMOD it when I can’t see it in the File Browser of my CuteFTP Pro?

    You should CHMOD the files you wish to edit using the template editor to be 766. You can see those files.

    How can I CHMOD the files? I’m saying that CuteFTP Pro 3.1 doesn’t show me the .htaccess files in the file browser. So how can I CHMOD a file when I can’t see it? I don’t have SSH access either.

    GEE thanks a lot. And thanks to every one else too. It works alright. The mod_rewrite as well as I can see .htaccess file in the CuteFTP Pro 3.1 file browser.
    The URL of my Blog is if anyone wants to see. 🙂

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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